Why are our clients so different?

By | July 2

Did you ever dealt with customers for one of your Software development projects? Check the following clip. It’s just awesome. It shows exactly what is happening to me (and probably all of us) everyday!

6 comments on “Why are our clients so different?

  1. Check this, too.. ;)

  2. i hate cheapskate clients that want alot for a little. that video is great!

  3. great video, shows exactly what happens. But I like to be upfront and document everything for the client. If sometimes there are small tasks I do it for free.

    Btw do ask for advance, that helps.

  4. Totally, I just got into making blogs for my clients in the mining industry, and boy am I dealing with some real anal people. Documentation beats conversation. I make sure that they not only sign my agreement, but that they initial after every service they are going to receive.


  5. how true! Great video. People from old school businesses are very anal and don’t understand what things really cost!

  6. that is to funny, I have clients just like that and the bad part about it is they are serious. Just showed my wife she’s naming all the people we know that are like that..