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Query your Firefox cookies with SQL

Did you ever wanted to take a look at cookies or even tweak them? Having access to your cookies as a developer is crucial but even as a user it might be useful to take a look sometimes. But what about querying them with sql queries? Picture this: Show me all cookies from localhost and […]

Powerfull online bookmark service

With the web 2.0 a lot of online boomark services came up, the most prominent might be del.. I really like the idea of having all my bookmarks online so i can access them from wherever I want and I don’t need to backup them by myself etc. I tried del. and some others but […]

IE7 important known bugs for web developers

I know I am a little late because the new Internet Explorer has been already released some weeks ago. However yesterday I had the time to download this new thing and have a try on the new surf experience. Ive just used it for one day now but its awesome till now. On my notebook […]