Great free icon set for your web applications

By | November 28

Today I was again using some icons of the probably best icon set out there so I thought to recommend it here as well. The silk icons consist of 1000!! icons for all your needs (files, flags, RSS, hardware, community, multimedia,…) within application development and make your apps look really professional. The nice thing is that they’re released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License and therefore are completely free. Normally you pay a fortune for nice sets like this!

I use them within all my apps and they fit perfect cause every icon is from the same set. The worst thing you can do is to collect icons from different sets. It will always look mixed somehow. Quite clear we are just developers and not designers *g*. Here is another screenshot cause I love them…

Check out the ipod icons at the end arent they cute? Last but not least a quote from the site which should free our bad conscience about using such a good thing for free.

Go download the Silk Icon set. They’re free, so you have no excuse not to.