What is that all about?

What is this page (ahm blog) about? It’s about web dev which we use as an acronym for web development and/or web developer. This abbreviation lets us pronounce these terms much easier and (to be honest) we want to be cool in the early days of web 2.0 so we’ve created the term “web dev”. Hopefully no one is using it yet.

Out of this term we can deduce the term web dev bros which points to two web devs who have created this blog. Short excursion to the definition of bro:

Stupid white trash guys in the 909 with lifted trucks, wife beaters, shitty music (usually the most popular rap, hardcore, and nowadays emo) ugly girlfriends, ugly hair, mouths constantly open, retarded as all get up, have no common sense, think its cool to park half on the curb half off, put Flowmaster exhausts on Nissan Hardbodies and Toyota longbeds, don’t realize that a huge lift job and giant tires fucks up your gears, which in turn equals less power. Fags.

I think now you should have a better imagination of who we are. Ugly hair ;) By we, we understand Fabian and Michal and we are rather friends than bros. Not because the definition does not fit but also because we arent brothers. We are two guys who want to share their experience of the web dev industry with others and looking forward to nice and hot discussions. Hence this is the reason for the subtitle “hot talk….”

Because we are talking, writing, speaking and whatever else about web dev in the posts we don’t want to describe too much details here. Just browse through all posts and have fun.